Monday, 13 August 2012

Gardening day!

Releasing the new growth 
It was a beautiful Winter's day today. The sun was out and warm. I put the twins to bed and got myself outside. I am slowly, very slowly, transforming the front yard into a cottage garden. Today's job was clearing the path from overgrown plants and cutting the plants right back, ready for fresh Spring growth. I don't think they had been done for a few years. The best thing is being able to create new plants from the old and replanting in another section of the garden.

My sister gave us 3 miniature apple trees. I am thinking of using one of them as the centrepiece in a triangle section just outside our bedroom window. It is currently lawn and bordered with footpath. My idea is to have the apple tree as the centre and a scattering of bulbs and smaller plants around it. But not sure if it'll be too far from the other two for pollination.

What would you recommend/what do you think?

Three 'oversized' wheelbarrow loads
The chooks loved being able to scratch around 

Today was also a baking day. Muffins, biscuits and bread. What recipe do you use for your homemade bread? I use 350ml water , 500g bread flour, 1.5teaspoon yeast. The bread is edible, well, more than just edible, but I can't get it to rise nicely. I am currently doing a double rise bread. Might try a loaf with a single rise and see how it goes.
I made a white loaf for Mr Fussy today, while yesterday I made a loaf with a 3-seed mix in it and one with currants and cinnamon/nutmeg in it :)

Bed time for me, 
I am trying hard to follow the 10 daily habits :)

Chat soon.


  1. I have two miniature apples, you can plant them really close together - would they all fit in the triangle? xx

  2. Probably better not to plant smaller plants under the apple tree's - you'll need to get close to prune and pick without trampling anything. But all together in a triangle would be good. Sounds great, Mel :)